In today’s world, the financing market is overly complex; practices once built on relationships are now based on complicated accounting, numerical matrices, and regulations. What makes it more complicated is that different members of the family or closely-owned business may be at different stages of their life cycles. Some members may be looking for security and low risk, whereas others might be more open to investing in the business to keep it growing. Each business has to balance different drivers to create capital.

​Being involved with the family from the standpoint of their estate and continuity plan, and understanding the personal goals and aspirations of each member of the family, we are fully prepared to help our client family work through all of these major issues. As such, our knowledge, experience and contacts enable us to gather and review all available opportunities so we can:

  • Advise as to what financing is the most appropriate for your circumstances

  • Provide advice on offerings (i.e. what the market is paying or receiving for a product)

  • Monitor the terms of the financing and market availability​

Financial planning is the key aspect of a successful business. Raising capital for your business is an important part of the financial planning structure. Audientis will advise you on Innovative ideas to raise capital for your projects and will use its long-term relationships in the financing world - private equity or financial institutions - to provide you with the right financing options. 

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estate & trust planning

audientis provides consulting expertise to closely held businesses, their partners and families



Mergers & acquistions



Strom, Revell & Audientis (SRA) is a dealership consulting firm that focuses exclusively on servicing the unique needs of dealers competing in a rapidly evolving marketplace. We provide dealers with insight into their current operations and create a structure that helps them successfully navigate the future.

SRA's primary focus is not on the short term and working to facilitate a single transaction, but rather we work with our clients over the long-term to ensure that their best interests are protected.  Prior to any potential transaction, SRA works with its clients to evaluate and develop estate and tax plans to maximize your proceeds and ensure that the next generation is protected.  Beyond the transaction, SRA maintains a relationship with its clients to help facilitate additional business opportunities and ensure that all aspects of the estate plan stay up to date.

We do not attempt to adhere to a pre-determined schedule to execute a transaction, but rather work based on the dealer's schedule and through the market to find the best opportunity.  For us, preparation for the sale is the most important step in the process to assure that when the time comes to sell you are ready.

Your family’s legacy is one of your most valuable assets, and the successful transfer of wealth and values from one generation to the next requires the proper estate planning tools. You will also need a trusted partner with the proven expertise, as well as dedication, to achieve your goals. Audientis will develop tax-efficient strategies to reduce your overall estate tax exposure, introduce sophisticated family and charitable gifting strategies and consult on techniques that will safeguard assets for future generations.Type your paragraph here.

In 2004, the estates of people who passed away owning assets worth more than $1.5 million—or who made gifts above that limit while alive—were subject to federal tax at top rates approaching 50%, and married couples had to set up trusts to benefit from their full $3 million estate exemption.

In addition, there was extreme uncertainty as the tax bounced around from year to year and even disappeared entirely in 2010—making effective planning exceedingly difficult.

In 2014, Congress set the top estate-and-gift-tax rate at 40% and raised the exemption to $5 million per person, adjusted for inflation. It now stands at $5.34 million and is expected to rise to $5.43 million in 2016. Lawmakers also changed the rules so that couples don’t need trusts to get their full break from the government.

These changes have freed hundreds of thousands of affluent Americans from worrying about federal estate tax, and they may never have to if they are represented by Advisors who have experience in helping high net worth individuals structure their estate. Audientis will develop tax-efficient strategies that will safeguard assets for future generation.

Primary Industry focus


When a family business requires rebirth, the impact can reach far beyond the simple loss of wealth. Bruised egos, reduced confidence, changes in the quality of life, and community perception are all issues that must be addressed in the turnaround of a family business. However, in addition to being personally invested in meeting the unique circumstances of each client we serve, Audientis has witnessed the ups and downs of business cycles within family and closely-owned businesses and provides services that analyze and advise on banking, creditors, investors’ issues and restructures.

Many people believe that restructures require bankruptcy court; however, this evaluation and process can be performed outside court as well. Our advisors have experience in both arenas. The process required includes the following:

  • Analyzing and evaluating the current enterprise and assets

  • Designing with management a reorganization plan

  • Assisting in arranging new capital

  • Negotiating with creditors, debt holders, and landlords

  • Monitoring the terms of the financing and market availability

Our expertise allows us to develop custom-tailored solutions that address your immediate financial difficulties, enhancing your longer-term operating, financial and strategic objectives.

Internal development is not always sufficient to grow the family business. Many of our clients, whose businesses have been successful for many years, routinely consider acquisitions in order to meet their financial and strategic objectives; others are approached to sell their businesses. Audientis listens carefully to fully understand your merger or acquisition goals, then we assist in the design of the growth or contraction objectives and understanding their implications. Once established, Audientis develops a plan and assists in implementation. Because of our thorough knowledge of the family business and the market, our success in estate and continuity plans for the family is unparalleled.

We will provide you with a complete analysis on the best corporate structure in anticipation of future acquisitions and/or opening of new markets organically. As part of this planning process, we will: 

  • Review all current corporate agreements

  • Evaluate business lines

  • Review financial restrictions

  • Assess liabilities, both corporate and individual

  • Understand business and opportunity flexibility

  • Address tax consequences

  • Provide management retention issues/benefits

Audientis’ expertise will improve your odds of a successful M&A through the inherent structure of our organization. Audientis' inter-connected lines of service will complement our M&A approach that links acquisition strategy, due diligence and integration follow up to Audientis’ intrinsic behavior – confidentiality, loyalty, and our long-term relationship vision in order to provide you with the best representation and service. Audientis has completed a considerable number of M&A transactions and M&A-related projects across a wide range of sectors and geographies and will serve as a trusted advisor to you and will help you navigate through the pitfalls of mergers and acquisitions.